World Laughter 2020

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Terms and Conditions:

This is nothing more than an agreement for the good of all. Here it´s where you give us permission to spread the videos and photos. This reason it´s because once the first online meeting is over, we want to share the videos and photos with our entire community on social media networks and similar instances.

Our interest in this regard is not the public that attends but the presentations, but at some point it is possible that snapshots or small videos of the participants are taken, to have experiential testimonial evidence of how well they have had a good time.

I authorize the Master Trainer Javier Ruiz Gómez, to publish images or videos in which it appears, carried out in the activities developed in the Ríe Mundo 2020 event, in order to disseminate the purpose of the University. I give my consent and additional permission to all those who act with the authorization of the Master Trainer, to use, publish, expose, distribute photography, video or audio recordings of which they participate.

During the event, whenever we are connected, the cameras must be on with the image of the clear person, those who do not follow these recommendations will be warned once and expelled from the event if they persist, by not complying with the agreement

During the event the audio will be switched off at all times, except for those moments when we are asked to activate the audio

At the end of each day, all the questions that have been addressed to us will be answered through the chat in the room, throughout the different presentations.